Financial Aid FAQ

What are the tuition and fees for MBA@UNC?

For MBA@UNC students starting the program in academic year 2014-2015 (July 2014 – June 2015), MBA@UNC tuition will be $1,466.28 per credit hour. Tuition is charged per credit hour; MBA@UNC is a 66 credit hour program. Students starting the program July 2013-June 2014 can expect to pay at least $96,775 for the entire program, with a moderate increase in tuition and fees expected each academic year. MBA@UNC tuition includes student fees, simulations, assessments, technology platform licensing and support, global immersions and some academic materials. Text books are not included. You are required to attend two global immersions to meet core course graduation requirements, and you may earn elective course credit for two additional immersions. Immersions are worth one credit hour each and are billed at the credit hour rate in effect during the registration period for that immersion (transportation to and from the immersion location is not included in tuition).

Students who wish to attend more than four immersions may do so, however you will only receive course credit toward graduation requirements for the first four immersions you attend.

What are my financing options?

Student loans: All students can be considered for student loans to cover tuition for MBA@UNC. UNC Kenan-Flagler has a student loan officer who provides dedicated assistance to applicants. International applicants are not eligible for Federal student loans. Learn more about student loans at MBA@UNC.
Fellowships: Merit fellowships will be awarded to a limited number of students in each entering class at MBA@UNC.
Corporate sponsorship: Some companies provide employees with an educational benefit, whereby they pay all or part of tuition expenses. Preparing a request for corporate support might help to gain support. We are happy to share information and guidance to help you make such a request.
Veterans Benefits: MBA@UNC is an approved program for students receiving military education benefits. Learn More.

Will I know what my financial aid award is before I have to submit an enrollment deposit?

We hope to provide you with full financial aid information as soon as possible; however, the process may not be complete prior to the enrollment deposit deadline. U.S. students should be eligible to borrow the maximum Federal Direct Loan amounts, provided they meet the basic eligibility requirements. Students can also review the additional loan options to determine the best program for covering the remaining amount of their estimated cost of attendance. International applicants are not eligible for Federal student loans.


How will I be reimbursed for the enrollment deposit I submit?

All enrollment deposits are credited to the first quarter’s tuition payment and are non-refundable.


How will my employer contribution toward tuition affect my loan eligibility?

Students receiving partial tuition coverage through their employer may borrow the difference between the total Cost of Attendance and the amount of their employer contribution.


When can I begin the student loan application process?

Student loan applications will not be processed until you are admitted to the program, but you can begin the process at any time by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at


How do I know what the terms and conditions of student loans are?

Download our MBA@UNC Student Loan document for more information.


Do I have to borrow the maximum loan amounts?

No. Students can borrow as much or as little of the maximum loan amounts available to them.


How do I apply for a fellowship?

Your application for admission serves as the application for fellowships. There is no separate application for these awards.


How would a fellowship affect my loan eligibility?

A student’s fellowship amount will reduce her/his tuition balance and is normally credited equally over all payments. The reduction to the tuition amount proportionately reduces the student’s loan eligibility.


How is tuition billed?

Tuition bills are processed through the Office of Student Accounts; however, any specific questions about your tuition charges should be directed to the MBA@UNC Registrar.

Total program cost = $96,775

  • Tuition is billed on a per credit hour basis
  • Each credit hour costs $1,466.28

Sample Schedules:

Enrollment Cost
MBA 730 Financial Accounting (4 credit hours) $5,865.12
MBA 740 Marketing Strategy (4 credit hours) $5,865.12
Total $11,730.24


Enrollment Cost
MBA 700 Analytical Tools (4 credit hours) $5,865.12
MBA 804C Management Communication (4 credit hours) $5,865.12
MBA 892 Immersion (1 credit hour) $1,466.28
Total $13,196.52


Enrollment Cost
MBA 801 Developing Managerial and Leadership Skills (4 credit hours) $5,865.12
MBA 892 Immersion (1 credit hour) $1,466.28
Total $7,331.40


  • Tuition is billed on the 15th of the month prior to each quarter
  • Tuition is due on the second Tuesday of the month that each quarter starts

Financial aid is disbursed directly to the Cashier’s Office and student loan funds will be credited directly toward any outstanding tuition balance due.


Is my tuition tax-deductible?

Please consult your accountant or tax advisor for specific advice. IRS Publication 970 provides basic information about the tax benefits for education. UNC Kenan-Flagler’s Financial Aid Assistant Director is not a trained accountant and, therefore, is unable to answer tax questions.


Do I have to be full-time to receive financial aid?

No, but in order to be eligible for Federal loan funding, students must be enrolled in at least 4.5 credits per university semester (please note that two quarters [July/October and January/April] are the equivalent to one university semester).


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