MBA@UNC allows students to tailor their education to support their chosen career or industry by selecting from several concentrations that focus on a specified field or discipline. Concentrations consist of suggested core and elective courses that help students build their knowledge in a particular focus area and are designed to mirror the hiring needs of employers. Course offerings are subject to change.

Students who do not wish to pursue these concentrations may also take electives in any discipline to create a custom curriculum that fits their academic and career goals. Concentrations are not reflected on students’ transcripts.

Data Analytics and Decision Making

MBA@UNC's Data Analytics and Decision Making concentration is designed for students who are looking to enhance their ability to make strategic business decisions based on the use of data. Students will learn critical data analysis skills and how to communicate data-driven strategies to benefit their organizations.


Ambitious individuals with aspirations of launching their own commercial ventures can benefit from the Entrepreneurship concentration. Spanning a broad range of entrepreneurial topics, this concentration includes electives that help students bring their business ideas to life. Courses focus on principles such as managing innovation, corporate strategy, innovation and social entrepreneurship in developing economies, new ventures discovery, and business innovation and technology management.


The Finance concentration equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to further their careers within financial services. The flexible nature of the MBA@UNC curriculum allows students to choose a variety of electives, including managerial accounting, financial statement analysis, real estate, taxes and business strategies. 


The Marketing concentration at MBA@UNC expands upon the fundamentals of marketing and offers specialized courses in a variety of areas, including customer and product management, market analysis, global marketing strategies and services marketing. Students pursuing this pathway can benefit from other electives as well, including Information for Decision Making, Incentives and Strategy.

Strategy and Consulting

The Strategy and Consulting concentration takes an experiential learning approach to preparing students for roles as business consultants and internal corporate strategy professionals. Through guided practice and exercises, students will develop the analytical, leadership and client management skills to expand their role within their current organization or take on new challenges helping businesses solve essential problems.

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