Super Bowl Sunday: By the Numbers

Indianapolis Superbowl 2012 logoBeyond the fanfare and game day hype, there are significant economic effects behind Super Bowl Sunday. This year, the New York Giants and the New England Patriots will compete for the Vince Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl XLVI while millions of Americans watch. Here is a closer look at how the big game will have a financial impact on different industries.


  • Throughout the Super Bowl, there are typically 45 minutes of advertising stitched into the game. This year, each 30-second spot costs $3.5 million,  which is equivalent to $100,000 per second of advertising.
  • The most expensive ad this year will cost $4 million.
  • According to Nielsen, the automotive industry spent the most money on advertising over the last five years, investing $172.2 million in commercials.  Rounding out the top five are beer companies, the film industry, soft drinks, and tortilla chips.
  • NBC, which will  air and livestream  the Super Bowl, will  earn over $250 million from advertising alone.


  • The Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association launched a 25-day, $100,000 advertising campaign to bring in regional visitors for the weekend before the Super Bowl.
  • Indianapolis spent $12 million to transform Georgia Street into a pedestrian mall for the Super Bowl just north of Lucas Oil Stadium. This reconfiguration will remain  after the game ends.
  • Indianapolis has invested $425 million in its Rebuild Indy program throughout the city. It  has dedicated much of its efforts to ensure the downtown area is ready for the Super Bowl tourism.

Tickets and Merchandise 

  • The average consumer was expected to spend $59.33 on merchandise, apparel and snacks.
  • The lowest ticket price for Super Borl XLVI on Stubhub is $2,000 and the cheapest ticket on the NFL’s Ticket Exchange is $2,300. Prices have reached as high as $15,000 for an individual ticket.
  • A field-level luxury suite with a capacity of 35 people would cost you $650,000 or $18,751 per person.

The Players

  • Super Bowl winning team’s players will receive $88,000 while the losing team’s players will receive $44,000.
  • If the Giants win the Super Bowl, each player will have earned an extra $172,000 during the playoffs. If the Patriots win, each player will have received $150,000 since they had a first-round by[AA1] .
  • If the Patriots win, Tom Brady will have earned $44,000 per week over the last two weeks. That is in contrast to the $1.06 million he earned per week during the regular season.

Food and Beverage

  • Approximately 61million Americans will attend a Super Bowl party and consume 100 million chicken wings, 28 million pounds of chips and 50 million cases of beer.
  • $50million will be spent on food with 50 percent of Americans spending $100 or more on game-day snacks; $2.37million will be spent on soda.

For many, Super Bowl Sunday is more than just a sporting event. It’s a celebration of American consumerism and advertising, complete with excess calories and big brands competing for attention. With an increase in year over year growth, we anticipate that the Super Bowl will continue to be a significant business driver for years to come.

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