MBA@UNC Graduate: Mike Orazi

“MBA@UNC provided me the chance to continue doing a job I enjoy — and gain the diverse business skill set I was looking for,” says Mike Orazi, a senior strategy analyst at Lockheed Martin. Having worked for the company since completing his undergraduate degree in business administration, Orazi was interested in building upon his business acumen. He felt an MBA would help him fill in the gaps. He was considering a full-time program when a friend told him about MBA@UNC, and he realized the program would offer him the flexibility to continue working while earning his MBA from a top school.

“One of the big advantages I discovered was that working while you are learning gives you an opportunity to apply the lessons you learn and skills you gain immediately.”

“I felt the online format offered more interaction than what I know of traditional on campus programs. Everyone is in the front row,” he explains. “Plus, my classmates were a great set of peers. We supported each other, pushed each other, offered advice — I can’t say that I was surprised, rather it was all just better than I expected.” Orazi also really enjoyed attending the Global Immersions. He attended the very first one in Chapel Hill and another in Singapore.

“I really thought they added a lot of value,” he says. “They are great opportunities to meet and connect with your classmates. And, they offer hands-on opportunities you don’t get at work — including career coaching and group simulations. I really enjoyed doing those.”

“I think UNC’s buy-in and commitment to helping this program — and us — succeed really made a difference.”