Ads & the Female Fan Base

In the male-centric sports world, women have largely been an afterthought. But thanks to the growing purchasing power of women — who control 70 to 80 percent of consumer purchases — they are no longer sitting on the sidelines of sports marketers’ minds. The global incomes of women are predicted to reach an astounding $18 trillion by 2018 ­— almost twice the growth in GDP expected from China and India combined. With women expected to control close to 75 percent of discretionary spending worldwide by the year 2028, sports marketers understand that female fans represent a serious revenue stream, and they are taking action.

In this infographic, MBA@UNC shows the effect female consumers are having on traditional sports marketing by looking at how sponsors of four American sports leagues — the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL — have pivoted their marketing campaigns to win over women. We hope this infographic will inspire you to take a page out of these sponsors’ playbooks to effectively advertise your products to the female fan base.

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