MBA@UNC: An Online MBA for Executives

Which MBA path is right for you? It’s a real question for many executives and other experienced professionals. Jonathan T. Morgan, a 2015 graduate of UNC Kenan-Flagler’s online MBA program, found himself pondering that question.

“I wanted to participate in the best, most challenging program possible, while still being able to travel. I considered several EMBA programs, but in the end, I could not be more satisfied with my decision to choose MBA@UNC.”

Jonathan T. Morgan, Class of 2015
Director of Research Alliances at Area 1

During Jonathan’s first year in the program, he accepted a position as vice president of operations at Cardinal Resources. He says, “MBA@UNC has prepared me for the full range of conversations, decisions and projects in which I am now involved on a daily basis. Every day I draw from lessons from the courses, which specifically relate to my new leadership position.”

Designed with working professionals in mind, UNC Kenan-Flagler’s #1–ranked online MBA program offers the advanced curriculum, leadership development, global perspective and schedule flexibility that Jonathan and other emerging leaders look for in executive MBA.1

Advanced Curriculum for Executives

MBA@UNC courses are taught by the same world-class faculty who teach in UNC Kenan-Flagler’s other top-ranked MBA programs, and the curriculum is built around the same curriculum presented on campus — the only difference is the majority of instruction is delivered online instead of in person.2

Through a wide variety of courses, the program helps students gain insight into all aspects of a business to help them grow their organization and advance into C-suite roles. The following are some examples of the online MBA’s leadership-focused courses:

  • Developing Management and Leadership Skills (core course)
  • Business Communication (core course)
  • Corporate Strategy (elective course)
  • Managing Innovation (elective course)

Executive Leadership Training

UNC Kenan-Flagler integrates both leadership development and career management into the online MBA student experience. Leadership is a core value of the business school. By applying business best practices and advanced management skills, students can develop as leaders as they move into senior positions.

The online MBA program provides unparalleled opportunities for students to expand their executive leadership skills through coursework as well as consulting opportunities, executive coaching and self-assessments.

Like an executive MBA program, MBA@UNC infuses leadership coaching throughout the program through:

  • Classroom business simulations and leadership-focused summits
  • One-on-one career and leadership sessions with MBA@UNC staff
  • Debriefing and coaching from executives after self-assessments
  • Mock interview practice

Continue to Grow as a Leader

Learn more about how MBA@UNC prepares experienced professionals to lead effectively and confidently.

Continue to Grow as a Leader

Learn more about how MBA@UNC prepares experienced professionals to lead effectively and confidently.

Become a Global Leader

Similar to many EMBA programs, MBA@UNC prepares students with the broad perspective and advanced skills in management and business strategy to be an international leader. The online program features an international student community, global summit weekends and networking and consulting opportunities around the world.

Diverse Perspectives

MBA@UNC offers a global perspective by connecting students with diverse, experienced professionals from all over the world. In the virtual classroom, MBA@UNC students interact via web cam with peers across the globe as well as diverse faculty who have unique experiences and backgrounds.

With a broader perspective, students in leadership roles can better understand international markets and communicate with business partners.

Summits Around the World

A vital aspect of the online MBA program is the global summit weekends. Held in cities around the world, these three-day gatherings provide MBA@UNC students with an opportunity to explore business challenges in the host city and collaborate in person with classmates, faculty and local business leaders.

Past Summit Locations

  • Chapel Hill
  • Chicago
  • Budapest
  • Istanbul
  • Johannesburg
  • New York City
  • Lima
  • Helsinki
  • Taipei

Study Abroad and Global Consulting Opportunities

To provide students with additional hands-on experience, MBA@UNC offers access to programs and opportunities to encourage students to grow their global network and perspective.

  • Doing Business In (DBI): Students study abroad and explore another culture during a one- or two-week stay at one of our MBA exchange partner schools.
  • Student Teams Achieving Results (STAR): Working under the guidance of a faculty adviser, students consult for international clients to address strategic and functional needs.

Balancing Work, Life and an Elite Online MBA

Time is a valuable commodity for all working professionals, and especially for executives and leaders who may work longer hours or travel for business. Commuting to campus is not a viable option for many students who need a top-tier MBA to advance to the next level.

MBA@UNC removes the barriers that prevent many busy professionals from pursuing an MBA or executive MBA. Students can access assignments using MBA@UNC’s mobile app and attend classes with professors and fellow classmates from around the globe. The average student enters the program with seven to 10 years of work experience, which often results in more enriching discussions and a more diverse alumni network.

MBA@UNC students experience the benefits of our rigorous online MBA program while still being able to successfully balance work, family and school obligations.

Live Classes

MBA@UNC students attend online classes weekly, where they interact face-to-face with faculty and a small group of experienced professionals. Students benefit from hearing how their classmates have handled various leadership challenges, thus better preparing them with the strategic insight to lead top organizations.

Thought-Provoking Coursework

The coursework immerses students in business topics through self-paced lectures, faculty-designed videos, interactive case studies and collaborative projects. Assignments are due weekly, giving students the flexibility to work at their own pace throughout the week.

WeWork Global Access

All MBA@UNC students receive a Global Access membership to WeWork, a community of hundreds of workspaces around the world. Students can travel and avoid distractions with access to private space, amenities and networking opportunities.

Start Seeing the Results of an Elite MBA

When researching MBA and executive MBA programs, professionals really want to know whether their investment of time and resources will be worth it.

MBA@UNC has a proven track record of providing a strong return on investment for many students. Graduates of the online MBA program demonstrate transformative career results.


Average salary increase at graduation


Average salary increase one year post-graduation from entry

Reported salary statistics and promotion statistics are based on exit surveys of MBA@UNC graduates from January 2015 -December 2018, with an average response rate of 60%. Reported salary statistics for one year post-graduation are based on alumni surveys of MBA@UNC graduates completing the program from January 2014 - December 2017, with an average response rate of 40%. Visit our MBA ROI page for more information on these figures.

Take the Next Step

Request information about MBA@UNC today to download our brochure and speak with an Admissions Counselor.

Take the Next Step

Request information about MBA@UNC today to download our brochure and speak with an MBA@UNC Admissions Counselor.

UNC Kenan-Flagler's On-Campus Executive MBA

UNC Kenan-Flagler also offers an on-campus Executive MBA in an evening or weekend format. The evening and weekend Executive MBA programs are held on the Chapel Hill campus.

U.S. News & World Report ranked UNC Kenan-Flagler’s EMBA program within the top 20 in the United States in 2019.3 The EMBA programs feature a similarly rigorous curriculum and pull from the same roster of renowned faculty as the online MBA program, offering working professionals the opportunity to develop leadership skills needed to advance their career.

Like the online MBA program, the on-campus Executive MBA program focuses on helping established professionals develop high-level business management skills that can be applied to their everyday work environments. Students also gain the same access to UNC’s global alumni network of more than 37,000 accomplished business leaders.

EMBA vs. MBA: What to Look For

When choosing an MBA or an executive MBA (EMBA) program, you will need to consider your needs and why you are pursuing an advanced degree. Both types of degree programs can help you become a more effective leader of people and organizations, but programs may have different requirements or allow you to tailor your academic experience in various ways.

Research the following features and requirements of the programs you are considering to make sure your chosen program meets your professional needs and schedule.

Admissions Requirements

Be sure to check how many years of experience are required for admission into the program and whether you will need to submit GMAT or GRE scores.

MBA@UNC requires a bachelor’s degree, at least two years of professional experience and GMAT/GRE scores. However, applicants who have five years of experience are eligible for a GMAT waiver.

Classmates’ Experience Level

Research how much experience the average student has upon starting a particular MBA or EMBA program. This will hint at the quality of interactions you will have in class.

MBA@UNC students begin the program with an average of ten years of professional experience.4 Students often learn as much from their classmates as from faculty.

Curriculum and Concentrations

Take a close look at the courses that are offered in an MBA or executive MBA program and ensure that the topics covered are in areas that make sense for your executive career path. Determine whether you are able to tailor your degree to meet your professional goals.

The core courses for MBA@UNC build essential skills in areas such as business strategy, economics, finance, marketing, communication, analysis and management. Students can choose from more than 25 electives and may pursue a concentration in Data Analytics and Decision Making, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, or Strategy and Consulting.

Delivery Method

MBA and EMBA programs may be delivered online, in person or through a combination of the two. Make sure you consider ahead of time what is feasible with your job and family.

The majority of the instruction for MBA@UNC is delivered online, and students attend at least two weekend Summits that take place in Chapel Hill and cities around the world.

Program Length

Be sure to choose an MBA or EMBA program that aligns with your goals and your schedule.

MBA@UNC students typically complete the program in 24 months, but to allow for maximum flexibility, they can take classes full or part time to finish in as few as 18 months or as many as 36 months, depending on their chosen course sequence.

Alumni Services and Benefits

Some graduate business programs offer resources and support to students beyond graduation. Explore what alumni support is offered by the MBA or executive MBA programs you are considering.

Following graduation, MBA@UNC alumni have access to UNC Kenan-Flagler career services and their online coursework in perpetuity. Alumni may also register for additional elective courses for a nominal course fee. This unique benefit allows alumni to continually refresh their knowledge and skills and take new electives that are developed each year.

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