Building a Best-in-Class Executive Learning Experience

As top employees become eligible for retirement, organizations will be faced with the challenge of identifying and developing leaders to drive their businesses. But developing capable leaders to fill the empty positions left behind by baby boomers is easier said than done. 

To groom successful leaders, organizations should provide opportunities for employees to advance their knowledge and skills. By developing a comprehensive learning and development plan to cultivate top performers, employers will be able to build a strong talent pipeline to propel their businesses forward.

To help businesses increase their ability to fill roles left behind by veteran talent, MBA@UNC partnered with UNC Executive Development to create the infographic below. In this infographic, MBA@UNC and UNC Executive Development showcase the importance of global competence, cultural agility, and diversity in leadership for improved strategic, financial, and social outcomes. If you are struggling to train talent like so many other companies these days, this infographic will teach you about the three ingredients you need to build a best-in-class executive learning experience.

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