4 credit hours

Operations focuses on the activities necessary to utilize the resources of an organization to meet the needs of its customers.

Operations provides tools, techniques, and strategies for making organizations work more effectively and efficiently, and for making you a better manager. The approach we will take in introducing the areas of Operations is twofold. First, we will cover some basic theory and frameworks in each area. Second, we will look at a variety of domestic and international cases that show applications (good and bad) of the theory.

Course objectives are to provide an understanding of the operations management function, and its relationship to other functional areas within the firm; to develop a framework whereby the strengths and weaknesses of a firm’s operations can be analyzed, and whereby the firm can develop viable alternatives in pursuing its goals and objectives; to examine the tradeoffs that managers face in emphasizing one goal (such as high capacity utilization) as compared to another goal (such as minimum throughput time); and to develop competence with specific tools and techniques used by practicing operations management personnel.

Watch the below video for a brief introduction to the Operations course:

This next video provides a sample of what content is covered in the Operations course:

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