2 credit hours

This course is designed to enable executives to manage modern customers and markets to hit the high points on customer satisfaction and loyalty, customer- and market-focused innovation, growth and long-term profitability. The learnings will be applicable in a wide range of settings including consumer and business (B-to-B) marketplaces, manufacturing and service industry domains and developed and emerging markets. Importantly, this course will focus less on the “what” and more on the “how to.” Accordingly, there will be a heavy emphasis on useful and usable toolkits in each of the studied areas that students who are managers can employ at work the next day. 

After taking this course, students are expected to emerge with a clear body of knowledge and toolkits applicable to: 

  • Gaining deep customer insight 
  • Crafting great customer experiences 
  • Delivering on customer-focused (rather than product-focused) innovation and growth 
  • Conceptualizing and delivering value to customers that they really appreciate and are willing to pay for 
  • Managing competition well 
  • Working out the calculus of risk and reward related to customer- and market-focused innovation initiatives 

At the end of the course students should be able to formulate, implement and control local and global marketing strategies in a competitive context. Throughout the course they will be challenged to apply the principles they learn in class to current, real world marketing issues. As with any class, the knowledge that they take away will be determined in large part by the degree to which they rigorously pursue an understanding of the materials covered. This includes reading the assigned materials, asking informed questions and interacting vigorously with peers in team assignments. 

The course consists of recorded lectures, live sessions, online discussions and written cases and assignments. The readings assigned for the course are meant to provide background for online learning and the live class discussions. Barring any questions and comments, we assume that students understand these materials. It is absolutely critical that students cover the assigned readings for each class and come to class well prepared to participate meaningfully in the discussions. The lectures will often integrate findings from cutting-edge market and customer research. 

Watch the below video for a brief introduction to the Managing Modern Customers and Markets course:

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