Consultant at Deloitte

Advancing His Consulting Career

When he applied to MBA@UNC, Scott Forsgren was a consultant on contract with a federal client performing general services. He knew he needed this degree to advance in the consulting industry and engage his genuine interest in learning the theoretical and practical aspects of how a business functions. This is his MBA@UNC story.

“MBA@UNC was recommended to me early on in my career by a colleague who graduated from the program. I spent two years checking the MBA@UNC Web site and stayed in touch with my colleague about the benefits and challenges it would present. I finally made the decision to pursue after attending an MBA@UNC happy hour in Washington, D.C.”

Enjoying a Culture of Flexibility

Scott has found the program to be dedicated to developing students into effective leaders. He acclimated quickly to the time commitment and embraced his classmates’ openness to hearing ideas and getting to know one another.

“The focus on developing leadership traits in students stood out most to me. In general, everyone is willing to listen to others and will show genuine interest in your day job, as well as your personal interests and experiences.”

Engaging With Classmates in Many Ways

Before starting classes, Scott expected to miss out on the networking component expected with an on-campus full-time MBA program. He was pleasantly surprised by the engagement shown by his fellow students and knows he’s getting face time with more students than he would in a brick-and-mortar program.

“Group texts, Facebook, e-mail chains, the ability to jump on a phone call or Adobe Connect session, as well as attending in-person student orientation and a Chapel Hill immersion helped me build a strong foundational network which I have been able to lean on within my cohort.”

Using What He’s Learning in Class

Scott knew his MBA would prove valuable, but he didn’t realize how quickly it would happen. One of his classes was directly related to a position he interviewed for with Deloitte, which ultimately hired him as a consultant.

“Not only did re-acclimating to academia help prepare me for the case study interview at Deloitte, but the material we were covering in class that very week was tailor-made for the problem described in my interview. I was able to apply both marketing and analytic concepts to break the case down. And it helped to remind the interviewer I had an MBA class to get to that night …”

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