Healthcare Sales

Executive Customer Representative at Merck

What is the classroom experience like in MBA@UNC?

I initially was a little bit concerned that MBA@UNC wouldn’t have the networking opportunities of an on-campus program, and I thought the classroom experience was the only way to go for me. Now that I’m in the program, I’ve found that I’m able to interact with folks more frequently. You have the ability to chat during class, and sometimes if you feel shy about speaking up or asking a question, you can text a message to your professor, which is a wonderful opportunity that you wouldn’t have in an on-campus setting.

What’s been your favorite course and why?

My favorite course so far was the Marketing course. It was exceptional. This class was a catalyst for me to start a business with my husband. He was a minor league baseball player with the St Louis Cardinals. We always wanted to open up a batting and pitching instruction facility, and I was able to use the marketing project to put together a business plan and a marketing strategy for the business. We’ve been open for three months now, and we’re doing really well.

Have you been able to fit this program into your busy life?

Flexibility is the number one thing. It’s amazing with this program. I am the Director of an organization, and had a charitable event that I needed to attend on behalf of the organization. I had class at the same time, so, I was able to go to the event, say hello to everyone, and then go out in the parking lot and take my class. After class was over, I went back and participated again with the gala. That’s something that I wouldn’t have been able to do with a more traditional MBA.

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