Retail Director & Consumer Products Merchant at Home Depot

I always knew that I wanted to go back to graduate school. I’ve always felt that getting an MBA would really enable me to move up the ladder and continue to make progress within my career. It was important for me to go back to school, to really hone that skillset, change your vocabulary, change your perspective a little bit and position yourself great for the next promotion.

Working with people who are in the MBA@UNC program who are all over the board in terms of experience and locale has really helped me understand from a global perspective how business is done. If I don’t know everything about one particular thing of my business then I call upon a number of different folks from MBA@UNC who help me understand how to solve these problems.

I’m extremely proud to be somebody who considers herself an ambassador for MBA@UNC. When people ask me about my MBA, I talk about how great it is. If you’re nervous about the fact that it’s an online-based program, I have to tell you that I have formed incredible tremendous friendships out of this program.

MBA@UNC is helping me a lot in my career path right now.  I really feel that the lessons I learn at night, I’m able to apply the next day, and that’s incredibly valuable for me.

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