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VP of Real Assets at BlackRock

Mastering Finance Skills

Working as a manager for real estate private equity funds, Joseph Barile had enjoyed a successful career in financial planning. He decided to earn his MBA as a way to challenge himself and gain relevant finance skills that could help him advance. This is his MBA@UNC story.

“I completed my CPA and wanted the next challenge in my career. In particular, I wanted to get a better grasp of valuation techniques and discounting. I had some minor concerns about the time commitment; however, the ability to complete a three-year track has made MBA@UNC a very manageable program while working full time.”

Attending His Dream School

As a longtime fan of UNC, Joseph was aware of the university’s tradition of excellence. MBA@UNC gave Joseph the chance to earn a degree from his dream school while still working full time, an opportunity that was too good to pass up.

“I grew up an enormous Tar Heel fan and always wanted to attend the university. When I saw the online program, I thought it was the perfect fit for my needs. I did not even consider other schools—it was Chapel Hill or bust.”

Expanding His Local Network

Joseph has been able to connect with local UNC students and alumni in New York City, and finds that recent graduates are enthusiastic about the program. Additionally, he has built relationships with his classmates in networking and team-building activities during immersions.

“It was a seamless transition getting to know people. I met some fellow students at the New York immersion when I had just enrolled, and the networking is very effective. There is a large national presence, particularly in New York City where I reside, and the real estate networking is strong.”

Applying Relevant Knowledge

Since beginning the program, Joseph has been able to switch firms and advance to a vice president role at BlackRock. He finds the course content practical and relevant, and has been able to apply his learning to his new role.

“The class material is very relevant to my job function. In particular, the finance class about valuations was useful, because it’s a role I would like to pursue. I enjoy the industry I am in; however, I’d consider a shift between job functions internally at BlackRock.”

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