Information Technology

Director of Research Alliances at Area 1

I graduated from the University of Notre Dame as an Arabic Studies and Political Science double major and went on to work for BAE Systems in the Washington DC area for a few years thereafter.  After working in the defense industry, I pursued an opportunity to launch a small business development firm to help small businesses expand their product and service offerings to developing markets – primarily focused on Africa.  One of my clients at that time was Cardinal Resources – a solar powered water purification system company uniquely positioned for rapid growth and expansion throughout the continent and beyond.

Six months after my first class at MBA@UNC (and only two weeks after I closed my business development firm to pursue other opportunities) I was offered a position as Vice-President of Operations at Cardinal Resources – which I eagerly accepted.     

Less than one year in, MBA@UNC has prepared me for the full range of conversations, decisions and projects in which I am now involved on a daily basis.  One of the most exciting aspects of the program so far has been the relevance and immediate applicability of virtually every topic we have studied.  Every day I find I draw from a broad range of lessons from the courses, which specifically relate to my new leadership position in this a small, rapidly growing company, which is in the very challenging stage of going public. 

The admissions process was a nerve-wracking time for me.  I wanted to participate in the best, most challenging program possible, while still being able to travel as frequently as necessary (a required downside of any job I would have).  I considered several EMBA programs, and was offered some very sizeable scholarships as well, but in the end I could not be more satisfied with my decision to choose MBA@UNC.  The caliber of people with whom I interact on a daily (yes – daily, there is a lot of work!) basis through the program is phenomenal.  I especially enjoy the ability to fly virtually anywhere in the US and be able to meet up with someone I met through the program.  The flexibility of reviewing course material at your convenience and at your pace (its like having a pause and rewind button on your professor!), the ability to regularly meet face-to-face online with your classes and as small groups, and the quarterly immersions make this program as close to perfect as I can imagine.  

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