2 credit hours

Organizations continue to invest in teaching their employees how to tell strategic stories. To be sure, storytelling at work has value at all organizational levels because it cuts through informational noise in a way that other kinds of communication cannot. Whether communicating to a single person, a small team, an entire company or the world, stories help you explain your brand, articulate your vision, inspire buy-in, offer hope or sell ideas and products. Indeed, storytelling—as the oldest tool of influence in human history—empowers you to connect to others on an emotional level, which helps people remember and embrace your message.

Through lecture, discussion, readings, workshops and storytelling, this course will give you the tools and practice you need to be a confident storyteller in the workplace and thus influence and inspire most everyone in your professional sphere.

More specifically, this course will:

  • Provide a rationale for telling stories in professional contexts
  • Cover storytelling best practices
  • Examine and apply the storytelling framework to content
  • Examine various contexts for telling stories, including presentations and speeches, meetings, interviews, webinars and conference calls
  • Explore various purposes for telling stories, including, for example, (1) establishing and nurturing organizational culture, (2) inspiring and leading people, (3) communicating your professional brand, (4) leading, mentoring, and coaching others, and (5) selling and persuading
  • Give you opportunities to search for, shape, and share stories for multiple contexts

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