2 credit hours

We are surrounded by difference. Negotiators vary by personality, gender, race, culture, hierarchical level, organizational norms, and in many other ways. These differences can make it hard for negotiators to secure an optimal deal because of the way trust is built, information is shared, and disagreement is conveyed. Rather than be frustrated by our differences, this course encourages you to seek out difference as a means to create value. If everyone had identical interests and priorities, there would be no opportunity to make the trades that can yield beneficial outcomes for both parties. 

Negotiating through Difference is designed as follow-on course to MBA 822: Negotiations. To get the most from this course, we strongly recommend you take MBA 822: Negotiations first, but it is not required. As compared to MBA 822, a significant amount of time is spent negotiating outside of the live sessions each week. These simulations are required, and you must be available for team planning and team negotiations each week. A basic premise of the course is that while a manager needs analytic skills to discover optimal solutions to problems, a broad array of negotiation skills is needed for these solutions to be accepted and implemented. The course allows participants the opportunity to develop these skills experientially and to understand how to manage and take advantage of difference as it occurs in negotiations.

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