Marketing Analytics

2 credit hours

In today’s technology enabled world, organizations collect wealth of data and information as a part of their business execution and practices. Marketing Analytics is a systematic approach to harnessing this data and information to drive effective marketing decision making. We will learn to analyze historical data, market research data, and competitive information for making strategic marketing decisions.

This analytical case-based course aims to provide you with an understanding and approach that systematically uses analytics to make important strategic decision from the perspective of CEOs and CMOs. These include decisions such as:

  1. How to define the customer value equation for positioning and implementation, how to position the product in customers’ minds based on their most important needs, and which attributes to include/exclude in product positioning in light of competitor offerings.
  2. Understanding the link between customer value and customer retention and sales.
  3. Examine the implementation of specific initiatives by linking key performance indicators to customer value drivers, customer value, sales, and margins.
  4. Evaluate the efficacy of customer initiatives based using market-based experiments. 

Specifically, the course objectives are to:

  • Help you understand the role of analytical techniques and show how they can enhance quality of marketing decision making in modern organizations.
  • Improve your ability to view marketing processes and relationships systematically and analytically.
  • Expose you to various examples that demonstrate the value of marketing analytics in real-world decision-making contexts.

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