Sustainable Enterprise

To succeed in today’s competitive consumer environment, many businesses seek to not only provide high-quality products or services, but also do so in a way that is environmentally, socially and civically responsible. This commitment to making the world a better place can be good for business and is often warmly welcomed by consumers.

MBA@UNC students learn how companies can be both profitable and responsible by taking MBA sustainability courses in the Sustainable Enterprise concentration. Upon completion of this concentration, students will be prepared to launch their own commercial enterprises, help their companies establish environmentally and socially responsible policies, or even work for nonprofit organizations or advocacy groups to make commerce more conscientious.

Learning to Open Doors and Make a Difference

Through the Sustainable Enterprise MBA concentration, students learn about the "triple bottom line" of profits, society and the environment and how this principle can be used to inform a company’s approach to doing business. Several business models are examined in detail, including for-profit enterprises and nonprofit ventures, to provide students with valuable insight into how environmentally and socially responsible organizations can create value for stakeholders and have a positive impact on communities and the world.

Students discover how to identify new opportunities; develop business plans that prioritize environmental, social and civic awareness; maximize branding reach to secure new customers; securing sources of investment funding; establish responsible organizations in emerging markets; and use commerce as a powerful agent of change.

Suggested Electives

MBA@UNC enables professionals to tailor their educational experience by selecting any combination of available elective courses. Recommended elective courses for the Sustainable Enterprise concentration are:

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