student experience

MBA@UNC Graduate: Daniel Hager

“When UNC Kenan-Flagler set out to create the MBA@UNC program, they took their mission seriously,” says Daniel Hager. “They demonstrated a real commitment to doing everything they can to make not only this program a success, but online learning in general. They are really shaping what an online degree can truly be.”

MBA@UNC Graduate: Brian Edwards

Brian Edwards, 34, had co-authored two patents for metallic materials by the time he was 26, working as an engineer in the U.S. Army. Back then, he had no plans to switch careers. But that all changed in 2006 when he started a new job in North Carolina and led a team to improve manufacturing of materials for jet engines.

MBA@UNC Graduate: Dr. Julie Goodliffe

Dr. Julie Goodliffe was a professor at UNC Charlotte when she started the MBA@UNC program. Having enjoyed a successful academic research career in molecular genetics, she realized that she had gone as far as she could in academia. With a desire to explore ways to use her science background in business, she started looking at MBA programs.

MBA@UNC Graduate: Brian McGrath

“When I was in consulting, the path forward was very clear,” says Brian McGrath. “It’s an up-and-out model. When I switched to a different industry, I realized that if you want to advance you can — or if you want to stay where you are, you can.”

MBA@UNC Graduate: D'Andre Payne

“Being in R&D, I’m always looking to try to new things,” says D’Andre Payne. “That’s how I felt about MBA@UNC. I thought, let’s see how this new program works out — it worked out great!”

MBA@UNC Graduate: Marc Calabrese

“MBA@UNC helped me see both sides of the coin,” says Marc Calabrese, a software engineer and research scientist at Lockheed Martin. “I learned to think, not only about the coolest technology and how to apply it, but also the business side of things. I started asking new questions — about strategy, finance and accounting — and learned how to better present my ideas.”