5 Tips for Effective Negotiation

Whether you're discussing a salary or closing a million-dollar real estate transaction, negotiation is a core leadership competency that's central to almost every aspect of business. However, most negotiators are not as effective as they could be. Here are Dr. Alison Fragale's negotiating tips for creating outcomes that benefit both parties. 

5 Ways to Motivate Better Performance

According to Dr. Alison Fragale, professor of organizational behavior for MBA@UNC, managers must go beyond inspirational speeches and use a variety of strategies to energize their team. Here's a look at five different ways leaders can boost motivation.

Five Ways to Boost Happiness at Work

We spend a lot of time and money on personal enrichment and happiness. We improve our homes, learn new skills, travel and indulge in a myriad of hobbies, but …

Amy Cuddy: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Amy Cuddy isn’t the professor most students would expect to see at the head of a Harvard Business School classroom, but her research might help you ace post-graduation interviews more than anything else you learn in business school. 

Characteristics of an Effective Team

In 2003, Slash, Duff McKagen and Matt Sorum of Guns N’ Roses; Dave Kushner of Danzig; and Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots formed the hard rock, supergroup Velvet Revolver. With such talent, fan expectations were very high. The band’s debut album, “Contraband,” did well enough commercially, selling four million copies. Yet, hardcore Guns N’ Roses, Danzig and Stone Temple Pilots fans were left feeling high and dry. Something was amiss, they said, some indescribable quality common to all great bands: Velvet Revolver had no chemistry.

How to Build a Resilient Organizational Culture

A 2012 Towers Watson study found that in most organizations, only 35 percent of employees said they were engaged. In other words, 65 percent of employees have mentally checked out, causing productivity, innovation, and creativity to plummet.