Student Voices: Learning the Business of Marketing

“What are you hoping to get from this program?”

Every 12 weeks a new professor asks me this question. My answer has evolved a bit since last summer, but here’s an explanation of how I got here and where I’m headed.

Student Voices: Will The Perception Ever Change?

Now that I am in the program I read the various news articles on online MBA programs out of curiosity, and I chose to contribute to this blog to show others what life was like in the MBA@UNC program as well as help dispel any myths about the online experience. That said, an article featured in the FINS section of last week’s Wall Street Journal on “The Downside and Upside of an Online MBA” by Beecher Tuttle led me to believe that perhaps our student blogs do not do enough to accurately portray student life in this program.

Connecting the Dots in Unexpected Places - My Immersion Weekend Experience

Who would ever think that a tech Giant like Google could be compared to a drug and rehabilitation facility? Although disparate in their mission, size-, and structure, I learned that you can connect the dots in the most unlikely places. This was just one of many takeaways from our recent Immersion Weekend in San Francisco.

Student Voices - What Really Binds Us.

What binds us to Carolina most immediately – especially for those who haven’t spent time on campus and fallen in love with its charm – is our allegiance to the University in the classic battle that occurs during basketball season.  The classic battle that pits good against evil, better known as the UNC-Duke game.

Student Voices: My Immersion Weekend Experience

They say time flies when you’re having fun. That couldn’t be truer for me as an MBA@UNC student. We are now more than half way through the quarter and my cohort is a third of the way through the entire program. It’s hard to believe we’re only a month away from the next immersion weekend in San Francisco since I’ve only just begun to process the experience of the first one we had in December.

Student Voices: My First 6 Months as an MBA@UNC Student

One of my admissions essays to MBA@UNC heralded 2011 as my “banner year for novelty and transition.” Wordy and pompous? Undoubtedly. Yet also surprisingly true. From the start, I knew my enrollment in  MBA@UNC  would bring a unique set of challenges, but I hoped that the opportunities available would assuage any lingering doubts I harbored. Let’s take a look back at the first six months of the program, and see how they stack up against my high bar for “novelty and transition."