Student Voices: Taking the Next Step with MBA@UNC

I have been extremely fortunate in my career. I have worked in Canada, Africa and Southeast Asia; I have experience in multiple sectors; and I have had many wonderful mentors. I was freelancing part-time and seeking a full-time job when I realized that I needed an MBA to be more competitive in the workforce. I looked for a highly selective program that would allow me to continue to work as I earned my degree. That is how I discovered MBA@UNC.

During my undergraduate education at Vanderbilt, resources were abundant. It was a short walk to the financial aid, student affairs and career services offices, and it was easy to schedule a quick coffee or lunch with someone if I needed assistance. Prior to finding MBA@UNC, I had assumed that an online program would not offer me that ease of access to resources and, more importantly for my situation, I was afraid I would not be able to bank on any sort of quality career services support.

Fortunately, I was wrong. I could list several examples of excellent service I received from the staff at MBA@UNC, including the fantastic admissions team that answered my endless questions and erased my concerns, as well as the student support, registrar and financial aid teams. For this post, however, I would like to specifically highlight the support I received during my job search.

The career management department at MBA@UNC was not only helpful in my job search, but was also proactive and thoughtful. Shawnice Meador, the director of career management for MBA@UNC, took the time to really get to know me, understand my goals, passions and skill sets, and provided me with concrete action steps and advice. The result: I secured an amazing job. Shawnice and I spoke using the MBA@UNC platform, and the ease of establishing a personal connection was no different than if we were sitting in a room together.

The company I now work for is based in Chapel Hill, and during my first week, Shawnice invited me to breakfast to congratulate me and to provide a few more words of advice. I was attracted to the flexibility of MBA@UNC, but I was concerned that I would miss out when it came to networking and the support systems. I am now nearly eight months into the program and do not have one complaint. This program is well-rounded, high quality and has a sense of community. MBA@UNC was everything I need and want in an MBA program, and I am so glad I made the decision to further my education here.  

About Megan Schneider: Megan has six years of experience in a variety of organizational development, marketing and fundraising-positions in the US and abroad with community-oriented firms, such as SW Global, an African technology company in Ghana, and not-for-profit organizations such as the ALS Association and Canadian Cancer Society. She is now a marketing consultant for the Futures Company, working with clients to understand the consumer landscape and unlock new sources of growth within their business. Megan also continues to freelance with international organizations to help them grow their marketing and communications efforts.