MBA@UNC Global Immersion: Detroit - Day One

Day one of the Detroit immersion included an innovation and entrepreneur tour of "Motor City" and a tour of Ford Field — home of the Detroit Lions — for dinner and a tour of the football stadium.

Transforming ‘Big Data’ from a Buzzword to a Meaningful Skill

‘Big data’ has become a bit of a cliche due to its ubiquity. However, the prevalence of the term does not diminish its importance. The ability to leverage data can be a competitive advantage for any number of industries.

The Neuroscience of Motivation

Kimberly Schaufenbuel, program director at UNC Executive Development, explains how the science of motivation in the brain can be applied to improve employee motivation in the workplace.

MBA@UNC Global Immersion: Buenos Aires Day Three

Day Three of the immersion concluded with sessions about the financial markets of Argentina and how to manage risk and reward while doing business in the country.

MBA@UNC Global Immersion: Buenos Aires Day Two

Day Two of the Buenos Aires immersion included a trip to the Pilar Natural Reserve to plant trees, as well as an immersive session with Argentinian business students on the cultural aspect of doing business in Argentina.

MBA@UNC Global Immersion: Buenos Aires Day One

Day One of the Buenos Aires immersion kicked off by exploring the economic history and entrepreneurial spirit of Argentina.