MBA@UNC Graduate: Carlo Pedrazzini

When Carlo Pedrazzini started researching MBA programs, he left no stone unturned.

“I did a lot of research,” he says. “If I was going to invest the time, I wanted to make the most of it.”

Maximizing Millennials: The Who, How, and Why of Managing Gen Y

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are entering the workplace in record numbers. They are idealistic, diverse, digitally-enabled, social and perhaps most importantly, ambitious. While these are all traits that can make a positive impact on your organization, it is a tall task to retain and motivate millennials for a variety of reasons.

When to lead by empowerment vs. When to be directive

Empowering leadership — the practice of sharing power with subordinates and allowing them to collectively make decisions — has long been touted as better for performance than a more directive approach.

What's Going on with AAPL?

When you pick a name like “Apple,” you have to be ready for not-so-clever analysis, like:

“One bad Apple can spoil the whole tech sector," or,

“…declining stock prices have become the worm in this otherwise healthy APPL,” or even,

“Will Apple today keep the investors away?”

Military Benefits to Help Finance an MBA

Active duty service members and veterans who are pursing academic opportunities can turn to benefits offered by the military. Many service members take advantage of benefits to finance their education, either while they are serving or shortly afterwards.