Student Voices: MBA in the Palm of My Hand

I’ve been a devoted Apple owner since  the release of the iPod (no more homemade mix CDs!), but never really gave any thought to the company’s philosophy. The only thing I cared about was that it made anything electronic accessible.

In one of the articles released after Steve Jobs’ recent passing, the author noted that the No. 1 comment on Twitter following the announcement was, “He changed my life.”  The barrage of articles detailing his influence on technology left me thinking about the developments necessary to enable the MBA@UNC program. Today, my smart-phone has 10 times the computing power of my first laptop, and I can carry my entire library in my handbag.  Though the Blackberry can feel like a tether some days, more often than not technology improves our lives.

This innovative program allows students to travel to the far corners of the world without ever having to sacrifice their career or family in order to further their education. MBA@UNC Associate Dean Doug Shackelford made the point that over the years how education is delivered has been largely static.  The tools used to deliver the information are the only things that have really changed.  Whether a blackboard, whiteboard, projector slides, or Powerpoint are used, how  the information is conveyed doesn’t change the quality or content. UNC Kenan-Flagler is one of the top business schools with no shortage of applicants each year, which makes the investment in MBA@UNC  all that more remarkable.

UNC took a gamble launching a program that takes a radical approach in how they deliver education to the student. Ten years ago, attending a virtual classroom from an airport lounge or hotel room was unimaginable.  Today’s technology literally puts the world in the palm of our hand.  MBA@UNC makes a top quality education only a click away, something I think all my classmates would agree is changing our lives for the better.

About Kristen Fanarakis: Kristen spent the last 13 years working in financial services after graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill with a BA in economics and political science.  She started her career in investment management in Boston where she earned her masters in international economics part-time.  She spent the last seven years in foreign exchange sales covering institutional managers for various Wall Street banks.