MBA@UNC Graduate: Scott Suttmeier

“MBA@UNC provided me with the flexibility I needed to prioritize my family and work, and still take care of my studies.” - Scott Suttmeier

As a senior bankruptcy specialist with Wells Fargo in Greenville, N.C., Scott Suttmeier wanted to move into a position with more responsibility and a better long-term career outlook. An MBA would be a great way to get that jump-start, but his wife had just stepped away from her career to be home with their child, so the timing wasn’t ideal to start a full-time on-campus program. He looked for options where he could keep his job and still further his career prospects. MBA@UNC presented a great opportunity. “I knew the reputation of UNC as having a top business school,” he says, “and this program would allow me to keep my income stream and advance my career – even relocating if the opportunity presented itself before I got the degree.”

That opportunity arrived four months later, when Suttmeier received a promotion and joined a team primarily based in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. A short time later, he and his family moved across the country to California. “Most MBA programs do not allow you to get promoted during your time as a student, let alone relocate. I was able to do both and advance my career with Wells Fargo,” he explains.

In addition to the flexibility of MBA@UNC, its virtual classroom environment impressed him, too. “The live class sessions typically went better than I expected heading into the program. We faced a unique challenge in that every course was brand new, and the professors learned from each other and were able to take advantage of some of the features.” “Everyone always has the ability to contribute. The breakout groups were an effective way to replicate some of the benefits of an on-campus program. We could easily split into small groups to discuss a case and then return to the class of 10 to 15 students.” With graduation around the corner, Suttmeier is exploring new opportunities that will allow him to apply his education and experience to a position with greater responsibilities. “I’m ready to take my career to the next level.”