MBA@UNC Graduate: Marc Calabrese

“MBA@UNC helped me see both sides of the coin,” says Marc Calabrese, a software engineer and research scientist at Lockheed Martin. “I learned to think, not only about the coolest technology and how to apply it, but also the business side of things. I started asking new questions — about strategy, finance and accounting — and learned how to better present my ideas.” Calabrese learned about MBA@UNC from one of his colleagues and involvement in Lockheed’s Leadership Development Program. Already doing well in his career, he wasn’t interested in taking time off from work to pursue a full-time MBA program. His goal was to find something that complemented his career and pushed him forward. MBA@UNC was it.

“Word about MBA@UNC spread pretty quickly through the company,” he said. “It fit with my schedule, I had Lockheed’s support — I really had nothing to lose.”

“When UNC decided to do an online MBA program, they dove straight into the deep end of the pool,” he explains. “They didn’t do anything halfway.” He valued the convenience of the self-paced course materials; “I could do them at a time that worked for me, which, in my case, was 6 a.m. Sunday mornings.”

“The live classes provided an opportunity to explore what I learned contextually. I got to discuss what I was learning with my professors and my classmates — that really hit home with me.”

The Global Immersions “brought everything together and made it all real. I only wish I had gone to more of them!”

“All of these things, together, made it a great program. If you took away one … you might still have a good program, but not a great one!”

He has advice for future students. “You only get out what you put into something,” he says. “MBA@UNC offers a lot of great opportunities — so take advantage of them and try to do as much as you can!”