MBA@UNC Graduate: Erik Sneed

For the past 16 years, Erik Sneed has worked for Harrah’s Casino in western North Carolina where he’s been responsible for developing, designing and building one of the largest casinos and resorts in the region.

Sneed explains, "There's a good number of people in my family who have attended UNC-Chapel Hill in the past, and I wanted to be able to say that I, too, had attended UNC and completed a degree there. MBA@UNC felt like a natural fit.”

“Earning an MBA was a logical next step in terms of growing with my company and my own personal development," he says “Plus, for me, it was a real personal milestone. It had been something I had wanted to do for some time.”

The fact that the program was extremely portable was very important to Sneed. Like many others enrolled in the program, he travels for work frequently.

“We had running bets on who would log in from the craziest place,” he jokes. “I logged in from Ireland one time and London another, New York, Los Angeles. In fact, I even did a presentation from one of the terminals in the Atlanta airport,” he said. “That I could log in and do class from anywhere was pretty cool.”

He also values that MBA@UNC is “a true MBA program.”

“At Carolina, MBA@UNC is a real MBA. You take courses that are the same quality as the traditional program and when you graduate, your degree is no different than any other student who attended the program on campus. Not all schools do that. I thought that was pretty awesome.”

One of his favorite memories is the Global Immersion held in San Francisco. Sneed enjoyed the content, visiting Google and being able to spend time getting to know his classmates and professors, as well as UNC alumni. “It’s such a fantastic and diverse group of people. I really enjoyed the exposure and experience of getting to know those folks.

“The MBA@UNC has certainly made career advancement possible,” he says. “It will open up doors for me that I might not yet even fully understand. It has given me what I need to qualify for advanced positions at the casino as well as pursue my own business. It’s helped foster some advanced entrepreneurial spirit with me. Not to mention, it’s a real point of pride.”