Business on the Web: A Road Map to Business Resources in the Digital Age

Not so long ago, we obtained the majority of our business and industry news from a small group of major print publications: Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune and The Economist, to name a few. Now, the business world is flooded with content from hundreds of sources that we consume in countless ways. In fact, we often feel like there are too many choices. With so many options, how do you determine which outlet has the news most relevant to you? For 2013, we would like to help you sort through all of the content clutter. MBA@UNC has put together information about the web resources we rely on most. We have sorted it by different types of business news, so you know where to go to get the information you want, when you want it. These resources include small blogs, global publications, industry-specific sites and even lighter sites for when you want to take a break. We hope you find this resource helpful when looking for business information and news. Take a look, and then tell us your favorite resources for business news by commenting below.


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