Melissa Pulliam


Business Leadership Program at Coca-Cola

“MBA@UNC provides freedom and flexibility…It’s phenomenal”

I had some pretty high expectations, and MBA@UNC has far exceeded all of them. The online MBA program appealed to me because of my demanding schedule as an attorney. (I’ve made a career change since starting the program). Additionally, I chose the MBA@UNC program because I cherished my weekends and did not want to spend them in a classroom. MBA@UNC provides freedom and flexibility. Whether I’m stuck at work or in an airport, I can find a quiet spot to log on and attend class. One professor even taught a class from Shanghai, China. The picture is vivid, the sound is clear, and the process is seamless. It’s phenomenal.

“Our relationships are threefold”

You might think an online program is less personal than a traditional classroom setting, but this program is surprisingly intimate. I attended law school in a traditional classroom and I only really knew a few of my classmates. With MBA@UNC, people started reaching out immediately. I’m close to all 19 of my classmates! And our relationships are threefold – we’re friends who laugh together, classmates who help each other out, and business partners who share expertise and opportunities.