2017 MBA@UNC Global Immersion: New York City Day One

In the first session of the digital media tracks at the MBA@UNC Immersion, students heard from Jed Simmons, entrepreneur-in-residence and professor of the practice at UNC Chapel Hill.

Flow, Autonomy, Happiness and Virtual Teams in Today’s American Workforce

Does the growing remote working trend mean more productivity but less innovation?

The 5 Realities of Entrepreneurship

Five realities most entrepreneurs wish they were told when starting their own business.

MBA@UNC Global Immersion: Johannesburg 2017 - Day Two

Day two of the Johannesburg global immersion was highlighted by a tour through Soweto, a visit to the Nelson Mandela House, the Soweto Red Cross, and Walter Sisulu Square.

MBA@UNC Global Immersion: Johannesburg 2017 - Day One

 Apartheid Museum

Students visited the Apartheid Museum as part of the first day learning about the complex business environment, political landscape, culture, and history of South Africa, during the Johannesburg immersion.

Managing Change And Transition When You’ve Been Promoted

Leading people is different from leading projects. What's the best way to handle the emotional, mental and physical challenges of moving on to management?