Creepy vs. Cool: The Return of Beacon Marketing

Beacon marketing’s promise of a truly personalized shopping experience never materialized. Now retailer dreams have expanded far beyond just beacons.

The Key to Successful Self-Promotion: A Busy Boss

Self-promotion can fall flat. But when it works, it’s because the audience see a combination of the promoter’s cold business abilities and more likable attributes.

Mumbai Immersion

From September 14–17, 75 MBA@UNC students traveled to Mumbai, India, for an immersion focused on Indian business culture and strategy. Led by alumni, local business leaders and faculty members, sessions focused on the Indian economy, innovation and family business.

As the White House Pulls Away from Climate Pledges, American Companies Step Up

In recent months, hundreds of American corporations have vowed to cut emissions, joining a surge of companies around the country and world that have made it increasingly clear they’ll take steps toward lowering their atmosphere-heating carbon emissions.

How Lighting Affects the Productivity of Your Workers

Modern day workers spend more time in the office, but if they’re not working smarter, they aren’t doing much for their employers. One of the most striking factors influencing how we work is the color temperature of the light source we’re exposed to on a regular basis.

2017 MBA@UNC Global Immersion: New York City Day Three

Allison Smith, senior localization quality control specialist at Netflix, taught MBA@UNC students about Netflix’s strategy on creating localized content as the company seeks to capitalize on global markets.