Welcome to MBA@UNC.  We are excited to have you as part of our upcoming class and look forward to bringing you a rich and rewarding learning experience.

Please view our welcome video from the Dean.

As youʼve learned, MBA@UNC is built on innovation, blending state-of-the-art social technologies and unparalleled flexibility with the schoolʼs tradition of excellence embodied by our on-campus programs. We look forward to being part of your overall MBA experience, and to supporting you in realizing the goals behind the significant commitment you have made to your future.

You are poised to enter one of the top MBA programs in the United States. The strength of the UNC Kenan-Flagler MBA degree comes from a school culture in which members live the business schoolʼs core values of excellence, leadership, teamwork, integrity and community. Known for our excellence in teaching, faculty bring to the classroom a combination of research, industry experience and engagement, and a vested interest in student success.

UNC Kenan-Flagler has also shown its commitment to evolving its MBA program offerings to meet the needs of students. It was one of the first top business schools to place students in teams to help them develop their abilities to work with and through others, a skill that is key to effective leadership. And today, we are pioneering the delivery of an online MBA that is rich, rigorous, and unique, not merely an online reproduction of our on-campus program but one that builds on the traditional program’s merits while enhancing it with tools only available in the online environment.

Admitted students

Looking for answers? Read through and access this site whenever you’d like to learn more about the program.  Once you enroll you’ll have access to 2GU, our comprehensive learning management platform.

Enrolled students

After you return your acceptance letter and deposit, you officially become an enrolled student. We’ll send you a new login ID and password, which will give you access to 2GU, the online learning management platform. There you will find all the information you’ll need to prepare to enter the MBA@UNC program.

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