2 credit hours

The Real Estate Finance and Investments course introduces students to the basic concepts of real estate. This course provides a background on the concepts of urban and spatial economics, analysis of markets, valuation, law, development, capital markets and investment analysis. It also familiarizes students with the vocabulary of real estate and exposes them to real-world decision making processes through a series of case studies. This course is designed to introduce students with an interest in real estate to the real estate asset class, as well as some important aspects of real estate analysis. In addition, the course is designed to incorporate current topics that are relevant to real estate decision makers in all aspects of the industry. During the course, we’ll look at decisions commonly made by developers, lenders, investors and other market participants. As such, the course is a survey course that covers a broad range of real estate topics.

Watch the below video for a brief introduction to the Real Estate Finance and Investments course: