Leading & Managing

4 credit hours

This course will cover and apply a variety of core concepts and theories from sociology, psychology and organizational science which form the knowledge base for leadership and management skills. The focus of the course is on surveying key core skills and setting students up for continuous learning of these skills. Accordingly, students will be provided with: in-depth materials for every topic through soft-copies of recent significant articles on the topic, self-evaluation instruments, and specific suggestions for further learning and development of skills through activities available throughout the program. Course objectives are to improve your leadership & management skills, particularly those skills that will make you better able to cope with today’s increasingly dynamic and complex global business environment; to provide awareness of your strengths as a leader and a manager, and of areas where you need additional development; to build a professional development plan, a critical step in improving your ability to manage and lead yourself and others; and to enable study groups to apply course concepts to your own development through the program.