Experiential Learning

At MBA@UNC, our strong core curriculum and elective courses are complimented by hands-on experiential learning. Participating in action-based courses will expand your ability to apply what you are learning in real-time while helping real clients solve real problems. This learning provides students with cross-cultural awareness and foreign language skills to produce strategic advice for companies that is focused, compelling and actionable.

MBA@UNC offers our students several distinct opportunities to gain hands-on business and international experience:

Student Teams Achieving Results (STAR)
The Student Teams Achieving Results program, or STAR, is a hands-on learning program in which students learn by doing as they take on the role of consultants to real companies.

Exchange Program
Allows MBA@UNC students to study at another top-ranked business school in countries across the globe.

Doing Business In (DBI)
This course gives students an opportunity to study abroad at an MBA exchange partner school.