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Take a look at how MBA@UNC extends the UNC Kenan-Flagler experience to professionals around the world.

MBA@UNC offers an incredible opportunity for professionals to advance their careers as they learn from leading faculty and peers from around the world. To fully appreciate the richness and interactivity of the experience, we invite you to watch the following videos, which give you a glimpse into what it's like to learn at the forefront of online education.

Program Format

Through the use of innovative technologies and real-world immersion experiences, MBA@UNC blends the flexibility of an online program with the rigor and quality of an on-campus experience. MBA@UNC is structured so that faculty and classmates get to know one another in ways that shape the vibrant learning community that sets UNC Kenan-Flagler apart.



Course Introductions

MBA@UNC's curriculum is designed and taught by UNC Kenan-Flagler's world-class research and teaching faculty and takes advantage of both online interactions and hands-on experience to deliver a truly unique learning experience.



Course Content

MBA@UNC students complete engaging coursework throughout the week leading up to weekly live online class sessions. This coursework utilizes multimedia tools such as video content, interactive quizzes and recorded presentations, which can be viewed and completed online 24/7. Content ranges from simple lecture-driven materials, to highly-produced videos that bring a depth to the learning process unmatched any other online MBA program.



Live Class Sessions

The live class sessions allow students to interact face-to-face with professors and a small cohort of 10-15 classmates. Live classes serve as a culmination of the week's materials and give students the opportunity to ask questions and discuss pertinent ideas. This method—known as the "flipped classroom"—allows students to come to class already having a strong understanding of the week's materials and ensures that discussions are as engaging and impactful as possible. All courses are recorded, so students can revisit them at any time to clarify concepts discussed.



Student Testimonials

Through MBA@UNC, students can build their professional network of peers from day one. Get to know classmates through intimate online class discussions comprised of break-out sessions and case study exercises. Outside of class, students discuss topics and exchange ideas on course related wall posts, hold online team study groups and even create online clubs to connect with other MBA students who share common career goals and interests.

We also invite you to view the MBA@UNC YouTube Channel and meet UNC Kenan-Flagler students, professors and alumni.