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Falling in Love Online: Grad School Edition

Real connections are being built in the MBA@UNC program, especially for two students that met and are now pursuing a long-distance relationship. Their story supports the idea that an online classroom can mirror the dynamics of a real one.

10 Signs You're in the Wrong Job, and What to Do About It

Shawnice Meador, Director of Career Management & Leadership Development for MBA@UNC, discusses how to find the right career fit and what to do if you're in the wrong job.

Online Education: Recognize How You Learn

2013 graduate Julie Goodliffe explains the strengths of content delivery in MBA@UNC.

5 Interview Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Shawnice Meador, the Director of Career Management & Leadership Development for MBA@UNC discusses job interview tips.

The Ranks of MBAs in Uniform Are Growing

Active-duty military personnel and service members recognize the benefits of earning a flexible, prestigious, online MBA like MBA@UNC.

Why Workers Are Deferential to Colleagues—but Not to Bosses

MBA@UNC Professor Alison Fragale discusses the findings of her latest study with The Wall Street Journal.