Ana-Laura Diaz

Ana Laura posing in front of Old Well

Student Voices: The Academic Experience at MBA@UNC

When I’m asked about MBA@UNC, the most frequent questions are about the learning platform and the overall learning experience. Questions range from the very general “How does it work?” to those of the more considered variety. Today, I offer a peek inside what it’s like to use and learn in the MBA@UNC classroom!

keep calm and beat duke

Student Voices – What Really Binds Us.

What binds us to Carolina most immediately – especially for those who haven’t spent time on campus and fallen in love with its charm – is our allegiance to the University in the classic battle that occurs during basketball season. The classic battle that pits good against evil, better known as the UNC-Duke game.

Ana Laura posing in front of Old Well

Student Voices: My First 6 Months as an MBA@UNC Student

One of my admissions essays to MBA@UNC heralded 2011 as my “banner year for novelty and transition.” Wordy and pompous? Undoubtedly. Yet also surprisingly true. From the start, I knew my enrollment in MBA@UNC would bring a unique set of challenges, but I hoped that the opportunities available would assuage any lingering doubts I harbored. Let’s take a look back at the first six months of the program, and see how they stack up against my high bar for “novelty and transition.”

Student Voices: Being a Global Citizen with MBA@UNC

To me, the MBA@UNC program is the embodiment of the kind of technological innovation that will keep us advancing. As little as 10 years ago, a program like MBA@UNC was unimaginable. That a student in North Carolina could be in the same class as someone in California seemed unlikely. Now, the reality is that students may be states (or even continents!) apart, but twice a week, we are in the same place.

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