MBA@UNC is an innovative MBA program, delivered online, that offers an enriching and engaging student experience. While you will complete self-paced coursework in your own time, you will also attend live, weekly online classes and in-person global immersions, providing you with many social, networking and relationship-building opportunities.

The MBA For Working Professionals

My classmates are everywhere; all over the U.S. and international. I’ve had group project partners from North Dakota to Italy, and several places in between. I made really good friends with a classmate from Atlanta; we first met in San Francisco and have traveled to São Paulo for the immersion.

—Meredith Culler, MBA@UNC Student

As a business professional, you may find that relocating to earn an MBA is not an option. Whether you are traveling for business, moving across the country, or have personal and professional commitments, you need a program that will allow you the benefits of a top-ranked MBA experience, without disrupting your life. With MBA@UNC, you can continue to earn income, gain experience and advance your career while earning your MBA.

MBA@UNC includes live, weekly online classes and self-paced coursework. Depending on your background, you can expect to spend approximately 10 hours per class per week. We work with you to determine the best class times for your schedule. We also offer superior student services, ensuring you will have access to top-notch technical support. Our students have attended classes from aircraft carriers and from the Gulf of Mexico. The mobile app for MBA@UNC allows you to complete coursework, keep track of your assignments and class notes, and access previous classes from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Balancing Your Commitments

Support and understanding from your family, colleagues and even friends is integral to your success as an MBA@UNC student. Like any rigorous MBA program, MBA@UNC requires a serious time commitment, but it is possible to work full time, have a family and see to your commitments while completing the program. Watch this video to hear from Jamie DeMaria, a student who was able to earn his degree while balancing his busy life.

Learn It Today, Apply It Tomorrow

MBA@UNC coursework is designed to be applicable right away. That means that the concepts you learn in class will be relevant and based on the latest research and best practices.

As an MBA@UNC student, you will learn from professors who also teach in UNC Kenan-Flagler’s other world-class MBA programs. Our professors bring real-world experience to the online classroom. Many consult with major corporations and executives, allowing them to stay current with business issues and trends around the world.

Expand Your Network

expand-your-network At UNC, we know how important a strong network is, and MBA@UNC offers you many opportunities to grow yours—both personally and professionally. The social-media–based online learning platform acts as a meeting place for students outside of classes. You can log in to meet classmates for group projects, study sessions or just to socialize. That means that if you live in Philadelphia, you can meet on the platform with your friend in Chicago. You can also join one of more than 20 special interest student groups or 15 regional groups and meet up in person with classmates in your area.

UNC Kenan-Flagler alumni number more than 32,000 living in nearly 100 cities around the globe. Students surveyed by the Economist ranked UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School as the 8th best b-school in the world in regards to the helpfulness of the alumni network. You will have the chance to meet some of these professionals, as well as professors and classmates, during your global immersion experiences in cities ranging from Chapel Hill, NC to Singapore.

Speak to Students

Learn about MBA@UNC from current students in the program. We hold weekly online roundtable sessions of no more than 15 people where you can speak with students about their MBA@UNC experience.

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