Student Voices: The Academic Experience at MBA@UNC

student poses in front of UNC wellWhen I’m asked about MBA@UNC, the most frequent questions are about the learning platform and the overall learning experience. Questions range from the very general “How does it work?” to those of the more considered variety. Today, I offer a peek inside what it’s like to use and learn in the MBA@UNC classroom!

The Tools

Having used several online platforms (both as a student and as an instructor) before starting my coursework at MBA@UNC, I can honestly say MBA@UNC provides the most comprehensive and navigable interface. The 2NC platform provides us with access to courses, classmates and professors. Taking now-common elements from popular social media websites and mixing them with intuitive design and access, the end result is an educational-cum-social experience that allows students to access the full educational experience with ease.

The Learning

But how is the knowledge transmitted through the 2NC platform? Every class lasts for 10 weeks, and each week is further subdivided into an asynchronous and synchronous portion. The asynchronous portion (to be completed prior to your synchronous class meeting) is anytime, anywhere learning. I’ve watched these modules from hotel rooms in North Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Texas at all hours of the day and night. But these lectures are a far cry from the often-dry material delivered in the traditional classroom. With embedded videos highlighting marketing developments to live polls and the ability to upload your own videos, the asynchronous portion allows us to develop a knowledge base in an interactive manner.

The synchronous sessions allow students to expand on this base; chats are led by professors who foment classroom discussion by asking for real-world examples. Chats are often lively and – with small classes – everyone sits in the “front row”  and sees everyone else. The synchronous sessions further allow for questions and clarifications about concepts.

The Experience

So what is it really like to be part of MBA@UNC?

A blog post could never really do the experience justice.  But there is little that the 2NC platform leaves to be desired. Want to sit in the front row of all of your classes? MBA@UNC can do that. Want to share a compelling and relevant finance article with your classmates and professor? MBA@UNC can do that. Want to meet your classmates for a virtual happy hour? MBA@ UNC can do that. Like posting on people’s walls? MBA@UNC can do that. And (rumor is) there will even be an app for MBA@UNC soon!


About Ana-Laura Diaz: About Ana-Laura: Ana-Laura Diaz is currently a practicing attorney living in the South Florida area. After attending UNC-Chapel Hill as an undergraduate, she received her J.D. from the University of Miami. Her love for all things Carolina and the desire to expand her horizons led her to the MBA@UNC program, where she continues to be “Tar Heel bred.”


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