A Skeptic Changes his Mind about Online Education

inside higher ed logoWhen we launched our program last year, we knew we were going to transform online education. Our program’s face-to-face learning platform was unlike that of any other online MBA program. The support and enthusiasm we received from UNC’s renowned faculty was unprecedented. And the excitement of our first enrolled students assured us that MBA@UNC had a bright future.

Of course, we had some skeptics to convince. It’s one thing to say we have a unique and collaborative online MBA program, and it’s another thing to prove it. As word of the program has spread, so has support from both the academic community and the business world. We’ve also garnered praise from the media, as well as features on our faculty and students.

Most recently, we had the chance to show off our program to Inside Higher Ed contributor Steve Cohen. Mr. Cohen, a long-time critic of the Internet’s involvement in education, sat in on some classes and was blown away by the strides we have taken to make online education an interactive experience rivaling that of the traditional classroom.

Mr. Cohen praised our classroom platform and proclaimed it more engaging than many in-person lectures he has attended. He said, “I’m now convinced that what Apple’s Mac did for the personal computer, the ‘MBA@UNC’ is about to do for higher education.”

This is a great moment for our program, our students and our faculty, and for online education. We want to thank Mr. Cohen for keeping an open mind, and for his objective assessment of our MBA program.

We also want to thank all of you for your support as we continue to revolutionize higher education.

If you would like to read Mr. Cohen’s Inside Higher Ed article or other articles featuring MBA@UNC, please visit our press page.

  • Askforeducation

    I have been VERY skeptical about UNC’s online program.  I immediately thought Phoenix and degree mill when I first heard about it.   I sheepisly confess now that my thoughts are different after the experience of my brother-in-law who is now one of their students.  I tried to talk him out of looking at UNC, especially since he is really smart and very accomplished professionally–meaning that I thought he was material for a very top tier program.  He applied to Columbia, NYU and UNC.  He was admitted to all 3 schools, and he chose UNC.  I was shocked when he told me his choice.  He told me that his decision was hard but when he weighed out everything, he decided that UNC was the best choice for him.   He has been in the program a few months now and has shared a lot about it and his classmates with me.  As much as I hate to admit it, I think I may have been wrong with my assumptions about their program.  Lesson for me for whatever it’s worth:  Don’t judge the book by its cover.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for sharing yours and your brother-in-law’s story! We greatly appreciate the kind words and support.

      Hope you have a great weekend.

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