Our Vision for Leadership Development

We are committed at UNC Kenan-Flagler to broader, deeper leadership development for our
students. Leadership here has two dimensions — performance and character. Together they
comprise our profile of an effective leader. Leadership and teamwork are longstanding values at
UNC Kenan-Flagler and have been a part of our leadership tradition from the start.

We seek students who value integrity, teamwork, community and a passion for learning. The
curriculum builds students’ analytical and problem-solving skills and provides opportunities for
experiential leadership development. This gives students a great deal of practice applying both
sets of skills in tandem and shapes leaders that drive results.

We back the academic rigor of skill development with considerable leadership practice,
feedback and coaching. Smaller class size supports each student’s growth as a leader through
individual coaching and feedback at a depth that is rare at school or in the workplace. The many
ways we give our students to practice leading and gain feedback helps them get better and
better at it and this approach is part of what sets us apart.

Most important, students here continue to grow their leadership skills throughout their careers
because they have practice in recognizing and learning from both their successes and mistakes.

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