Mumbai: September 2014


September 18-21 – Mumbai:
“Economic Development in Democratic Chaos”

Despite its status as a global economic giant and the largest democracy in the world, India is still considered to be a developing market. While the rise of consumerism has helped India secure its place as the 10th largest economy in the world, the instability of India’s government has provided unique challenges for the emerging nation.

With India’s elections having taken place in April and May of this year, students attending the Mumbai Immersion studied the evolution of a dynamic economy and business landscape. Students also examined the various types of organizations that conduct business in India, with the goal of further understanding the complex nature of growth in this part of the world.

Mumbai Immersion Extension

Students also had the opportunity to participate in an optional immersion extension, which took place immediately following the immersion, from September 22-27. Immersion extensions allow students to engage in further learning exercises designed to develop a deeper understanding of the local culture and unique business landscape.

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