Johannesburg: March 2014

Johannesburg skyline

Global immersions give students the chance to collaborate in person with their classmates and professors, and learn from industry leaders during high-impact educational sessions. During the Johannesburg Global Immersion, students and faculty will travel to South Africa’s largest city to learn about emerging market development in one of the world’s most unique and conflicted economic regions.

Understanding Africa’s Growth Challenge

The economy of Johannesburg presents an apt representation of the vast economic gaps seen throughout the continent of Africa. During this immersion, students will take a close look at how investors and organizations can pursue and support economic growth and stability in a Third World environment where concerns such as lack of water, roads and access to health care far outweigh those of technological advancement or infrastructural growth.

Speakers will include both South African and U.S.-based multi-nationals who will touch upon such issues as the region’s political history, racial conflict, wealth disparity and health care struggles as they pertain to the present and future challenges of growing and stabilizing South Africa’s economy. Students will learn how influencers such as the AIDS epidemic and decades of apartheid radically altered South African business, and how businesses are approaching the task of capitalizing on the region’s potential.

Johannesburg Immersion Extension — March 24–28, 2014

Following the immersion weekend, students will have the option of participating in an immersion extension. Students will begin the extension in Johannesburg and fly to Cape Town for the majority of the week. The extension will be led by UNC Kenan-Flagler Assistant Professor of Marketing David Roberts, and will take a holistic approach to looking at business development in Cape Town and how companies intersect with the domestic market.

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